Monday, July 26, 2010

Nice Ride!

Every time I go on Blogger, I try and think of a new topic to write about and it sucks because I can never think of a topic. There were days where I just sat down trying to think of a topic to write about and I never could. Today I realized that all my topics present itself while I'm out of the house.

So I'm a month and a half in my new job at Oil Changers and the business is slow so my shift seem to take forever to end. But today was pretty busy. A lot of cars came in for Emission Test/Drive Clean. *Drive Clean is a program created by the government to test your vehicle's emissions and make sure it's not polluting the air more then it should*. So after the rush of cars ended, we had 2 cars left. A Honda Accord, owned by some white dude and a Lexus IS300, owned by a chick.

After a few seconds of admiring the IS 300 I jumped inside. When I got in the car it was pretty nasty on the inside. It had garbage laying around, handbags everywhere, and it had a strong perfume scent which smelled horrible. So I was sitting in this car and I started laughing. You see I was thinking, how you treat your car is how you treat yourself. Beautiful on the outside but poison on the inside. So I drive the car around to the front of the shop and this chick was so fine Haha. And like I said, Beautiful on the outside but poison on the inside... Yea she was a...Witch... I never swear on my posts =D.

At the old place I used to work the same thing happened. There was an Acura TSX but the inside was twice as bad as the car I saw today. However the chick was twice as hot. So the level of hotness depends on the quality of the car and the cleanliness of the interior. But things that are good on the outside doesn't always mean it's good on the inside. Some of these chick are like the Venus Flytrap... They present itself very nicely then BAM... Your doomed.

What I'm trying to get at is a lot of girls try hard to look beautiful on the outside but don't care about the inside. Yea guys do it too... But the inside is just as important as the outside... If not more! Just like a car. So be nice! And for those who own a car... please clean it.

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  1. agreed! never thought about it that way

  2. hahaha i really like this post canny! =) nice analogy =DDD

  3. i like your last paragraph.

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