Monday, July 26, 2010

Nice Ride!

Every time I go on Blogger, I try and think of a new topic to write about and it sucks because I can never think of a topic. There were days where I just sat down trying to think of a topic to write about and I never could. Today I realized that all my topics present itself while I'm out of the house.

So I'm a month and a half in my new job at Oil Changers and the business is slow so my shift seem to take forever to end. But today was pretty busy. A lot of cars came in for Emission Test/Drive Clean. *Drive Clean is a program created by the government to test your vehicle's emissions and make sure it's not polluting the air more then it should*. So after the rush of cars ended, we had 2 cars left. A Honda Accord, owned by some white dude and a Lexus IS300, owned by a chick.

After a few seconds of admiring the IS 300 I jumped inside. When I got in the car it was pretty nasty on the inside. It had garbage laying around, handbags everywhere, and it had a strong perfume scent which smelled horrible. So I was sitting in this car and I started laughing. You see I was thinking, how you treat your car is how you treat yourself. Beautiful on the outside but poison on the inside. So I drive the car around to the front of the shop and this chick was so fine Haha. And like I said, Beautiful on the outside but poison on the inside... Yea she was a...Witch... I never swear on my posts =D.

At the old place I used to work the same thing happened. There was an Acura TSX but the inside was twice as bad as the car I saw today. However the chick was twice as hot. So the level of hotness depends on the quality of the car and the cleanliness of the interior. But things that are good on the outside doesn't always mean it's good on the inside. Some of these chick are like the Venus Flytrap... They present itself very nicely then BAM... Your doomed.

What I'm trying to get at is a lot of girls try hard to look beautiful on the outside but don't care about the inside. Yea guys do it too... But the inside is just as important as the outside... If not more! Just like a car. So be nice! And for those who own a car... please clean it.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Love Games

I got a complaint from a friend and she was complaining about how I haven't posted in a while... She's right I haven't... But I told my friend I had nothing to talk about and she suggested a topic but I say no haha. But at work I started thinking about her topic and started writing about it, but I didn't get very far so I scrapped that idea...Sorry haha. Just as I deleted the post, the radio was playing the song Love Games by Lady Gaga and I just like that, I got my topic.

I think it is very important for everyone to have someone they can flirt with. You might be thinking that a lot of guys flirt with many different chicks and vise-versa however they flirt because they want it to go somewhere. I'm talking about just a friend or someone you know just to flirt with and have it go nowhere. I find it health to just flirt here and there because you kinda let your emotions loose a little bit. It's never good to bottle up your emotions so when you flirt with someone you relax a little more.

I know people will argue with me saying it's really healthy for a relationship if you flirt with someone else that's not your boyfriend or girlfriend. A lot of people will say that flirting is dangerous if your in a committed relationship but it's only dangerous if you take it too far. Chances are your boyfriend or girlfriend will probably get really jealous too. Things might get heated and this might result in a break up. An example will be Ronnie and Samantha in Jersey Shore. But of course in a relationship you should trust your boyfriend or girlfriend and realize that flirting a little can be harmless.

Plus flirting is fun and it good practice to flirt with someone you know that will lead to nowhere because if you're single and you meet someone, then you'll know how to flirt with him/her. So flirt away! Haha =P

I'm probably going to get a lot of hateful comments but my question will be:

Do you think it's dangerous to flirt with someone if you're in a relationship?
What do you think?... Let me hear your comments

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Friends Approval

Damn so far this summer kinda sucks. Working only part-time meaning I can't afford a car, most friends are either working/school and can't hangout most of the time, sprained my wrist and can't workout...BUT at times like these you gotta keep your chin up high and enjoy the free time that you got. Always look on the positive side people! Now about the main topic.

Friends are really important in a relationship. You gotta be good friends with your girlfriends friends and she has to be friends with your friends. At the beginning it's kinda funny because if you go after a chick then you gotta go after her friends as well. What I mean by that is you gotta get the friends approval before anything serious can really happen. This even goes for bros too. If your boy goes after a chick and you got a problem with her then chances are things will turn out bad.

A reason I'm writing this blog now is because I was watching "Friends" and the episode was about getting your friends approval. Phoebe, one of the girls, was going out with a guy named Roger who was a therapist. The rest of the friends hated him which caused their relationship to fail.

But the main reason I'm writing this blog is because not to long ago a friend of mine told me about this girl. And when he talked about her, it was almost like he used a different tone in his voice. I didn't mention anything about her until my buddy actually told me that he has taken a shine to this girl. So when he told me about this girl he was talking about how we watch the same shows and that I would like her and be good friends with her. The way I saw it was that he was trying to get me to like her before we even met. And even though we haven't met yet I'm sure shes a fantastic girl. If my friend does read this blog I wish him the best of luck in getting this girl and that she's already approved in my books =P.

I do actually find it important that your boyfriend/girlfriend are good friends with your friends. Not only that but your boyfriend/girlfriend should WANT to meet your friends because friends reflect what kind of person you really are. But there will be times where you won't approve the person your friend is dating and as a friend you still should try and make an effort to become friends because that's what friends do. In the end you should know that getting your friends approval of the person your dating is vital. So make sure that you introduce your boyfriend/girlfriend to your friends, get their approval, and you guys can start your relationship knowing your friends got your back.

** On a side note Happy 19th Birthday Richard Chong!
Have a good one! Bro's for Life! Cheers*

A question completely unrelated to my blog:
Should I get a Mohawk?

Please leave your comments below about the question and/or the blog!
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting Noticed

You know my buddy Richard made a good point about movies with sequels. He was saying how he was going to watch Toy Story 1, 2 and Wall-E just to remember what happened and then he would watch Toy Story 3. Apparently there are many hidden things/clues in Toy Story 3. And I thought... damn that's a good idea so I downloaded Toy Story 1 and 2 and as I was watching Toy Story 1 I thought of something about girls. Haha it just hit me randomly and it has no relation to Toy Story... So when the movie finished I thought I should write this while its still fresh in my head.

Now at first I was thinking why some girls put on make up everyday...(Again I know this doesn't relate to Toy Story whatsoever). And my first answer was its because they want to get noticed and get attention and whatnot. But then I started thinking about the Media and how it affects both guys and girls.

For chicks it's hard because models are like the ideal picture right and it puts pressure on a lot of girls. And those models wear make up, have perfect hair, slim bodies, nice clothes etc. and girls try to live up that media image. The media almost sets a standard which says this is whats in and this is what guys are into. It's pretty much the same for guys too because the ideal guy in the media is a guy who's in perfect shape, who's the perfect gentleman, has perfect hair style, rockin' clothes etc. and this sets a standard.

A lot of girls and guys try to live up to these standards and girls spend money on make up and clothes and etc. Guys will go to the gym to workout, fix their hair styles so its unique and whatnot... all for what?.... Getting Noticed and getting guys/girls coming after you. And everyone does it. Everyone. For me its going to the gym. I know I go to the gym because physical fitness is important to me but I can't say that I only go to the gym to be fit. And I didn't really realize how much the media affected me when it came to my fitness until recently.

But the thing is that when you're looking for a REAL relationship and a REAL commitment and you notice a guy/girl, you're not going to notice him/her for all the media stuff. Put aside the make up for girls and the buff look for guys. Bottom line is you get noticed for being yourself. I remember one night my friends and I were sitting around talking about the most important quality for a girl. For me, I said it was her smile. =D

I know this post is a little different from the rest but I wanted to write about it

Do you think people get sucked up in the media?
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Power of Alcohol

Dam I haven't blogged since last week... Well first off I have to say congratulations to Richard Chong for beating me in Wang Vs. Chong. I actually think that was my favorite blog and believe me when I say there WILL be a rematch... Right Richard?

Anyways on the weekend I was drinking with a few friends and I should know better by now but I now know the strong effects of alcohol... haha. I mean sometimes alcohol makes you do really stupid things. Sometimes it makes you do things you want to do when your sober but can't. And yet I continue drinking and I'm sure many of you can say the same because its just too fun =D.

Now of course when talking about alcohol you gotta talk about the ladies haha. At a party its always easier to communicate because everyone is drinking and tipsy and loose and everything just works. But there will always be a time where you do or say something stupid you will regret. And like this weekend I did something stupid ><. But I don't really regret it too much because it wasn't that bad... and when your drunk and do something stupid to a person then hopefully that person will understand.

But at a party sometimes alcohol can get you chicks and sometimes it just messes you up... so my question to you guys is:

Is it worth drinking knowing you'll have fun but also knowing you might do something stupid?

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wang Vs. Chong

Hahaha I'm going to love writing this blog because it's almost like a competition between me and my friend Richard. Haha it's like a Flyweight vs. Lightweight!
So here's the story:

Jonathan, Richard and I were at Punk 'N Wings yesterday for UFC 115 and of course as guys we all were watching the fight. Good fight card by the way. Anyways while we were watching the fight I happened to notice a girl across from our booth... And no I was not checking her out. So I looked over and I noticed she was sleeping and next to her was a dude who we believed was his boyfriend. So I turned to Richard and said "Why would you bring your girlfriend to a UFC fight..." and Richards response was "Well the fact that they are together is what counts"

Now here the thing me and Richard both decided to write our views of this situation on our blog. But before I start I have to say I completely understand Richards view but I just had to go against him on this one... Sorry Buddy.

Although its great to spend time with one another I believe that its better to spend quality time rather than quantity with your girlfriend/boyfriend. UFC is a battle between 2 dudes in a cage beating the shit out of each other and guys are the ones that like to watch a fight. It's in our blood. However this sleeping chick was of course bored enough to fall asleep during an amazing fight so her being there didn't seem necessary. There's always going to be a time where only guys go out and chill and girls have their girls night out so why mix the two together if your boyfriend/girlfriend will get bored if he/she goes.

Looking at another view, say your girlfriend and her girlfriends are going to go to the mall, you hate shopping but you decide to go with her. Chances are that your going to end up very very bored. It might be great that you guys do a lot of things as a couple but if you end up going to the mall just to be with her then it doesn't seem like your spending quality time and your just kinda there because your there. It doesn't seem like your enjoying each others company as much as you should. You gotta spend some time apart to miss each other and then you can spend that quality time. At certain events guys gotta do there thing and other events girls gotta do there thing.

So that's today's blog. I have to say again that I get Richards view and I'm sure he has excellent arguments and I can't wait to read it. I highly recommend you read his blog at
> <. I find it an amazing blog and its what got me started so read it. Haha Bro's for Life man. Hooah!

Let us both know what you think of this post and COMMENT!
You have to comment so we know who wins!

Who do you think wins this fight between Canny and Richard?
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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Jeez you clicked on this blogged because it's titled hookers... you guys have a dirty dirty mind.... hahaha

So within 2 days I finished watching "How I Met Your Mother" Season 5(Its an Amazing Show) and the concept of "Hooked and Hooker" was one of the episodes. Now anyone who knows my blog knows what this is going to be about. In the show, The Hooker is the person that manipulates another person into thinking they have some kind of relationship going but in fact they only want them to things for them... And of course the Hooked is the person getting screwed.......Haha.....Screwed....... If you don't get that joke please leave my blog... Haha I'm kidding.

Anyways... This got my thinking about the concept because I never thought about it before but now that I've seen the episode it actually makes real sense. You see girls do this all the time. Too many times have I seen a girl use her good looks and deceiving skills to manipulate a guy into doing her homework, chores, buy her stuff etc.... I mean seriously ladies.... come on....

BUT to make sure all those girls out there don't start yelling at me, guys do it too. Guys with wealth and good looks will put themselves out there and will try to get someone hooked on them too. But come lets be honest... girls are usually the Hooker... Haha... You better gets these jokes....

Now although some people might think its great to get someone hooked on you... for the have to realize that it's defiantly not the right thing.

Do you watch How I Met Your Mother?

(To those who watch the show) P.S. THIS BLOG IS LEGEN....WAIT FOR IT.... DARY
*Stinson Out

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fight Night

*Introducing First... BLEEDING OUT OF THE BLUE CORNER! This man is a professional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fighter, holding a professional record of 5 wins, 240 losses, and 2 draws. He stands at 5' 8" tall, weighting at 160 pounds, fighting out of Markham, Ontario, Canada.... Ladies and Gentlemen, THE CHALLENGERRRRR... THIS "The Noble" READERRRRRRRRRRRRRR (By which I mean the Guy)

*And Now....Introducing the Champion ..... FIGHTING OUT OF THE RED CORNER! This woman is a professional street fighter who specializes in submissions, holding a professional record of 100 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw. She stands 5'1" tall, weighing at 95 pounds, fighting out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.... Ladies and Gentlemen... THE DEFENDING CHAMPIONNNN... YOURRR "Sweetie Pie" GIRLFRIENDDDDDDDDDD!

Hahaha. Hopefully you get the above section but its mainly for UFC watchers and fans.

You might think why I put that up there... well I got a new topic to talk about! You see I think that girls want a reason to fight. The reason for that is a lot of girls are addicted to power and control. In a fight, a relationship fight... majority of the time the girls are the ones that win in the end... (Yea who am I going to try and fool if I say we win most...) ...hence the ridiculous fight record above.

I noticed that sometimes girls just want to have a fight for no reason or fight over the small things and battle after battle you start to pick up that its just easier to say sorry and submit. They start the fight so then can finish/win the fight. Just like in the Octagon, woman pick their strikes wisely and slowly take control of the ring. Hmmm woman having all the Power and Control.... Doesn't sound too good.... not good at all..... Yeaaaa.........

But of course not every relationship is like this. Its just something to talk about =D

*BRUCE BUFFER with the official decision
Ladies and Gentlemen at the beginning of round 1 on the doctors advice, referee
Herb Dean has put a stop to this contest declaring the winner by submission

Who do you think starts most of the fights?....
Just something to think about.... haha

Ps. It took me a longggg time just to copy what Bruce Buffer says on UFC.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It Softens the Blow

Haha I think I shoulda put up this blog on Monday but its all good. Alright so I was at work on Monday and everything seemed to be going great. It started to seem like my boss was letting me do more which is what I wanted. Then my boss came up to me saying he has a problem. Because I was working under the table I didn't have workers insurance, and the insurance company was breathing down my bosses neck. So the only way for me to continue working would be to register as an apprentice however I got school in September so there really no point. So my boss had no choice to fire me ><...

Now while he was saying that he kept saying how he doesn't want to fire me but he has no choice and that he couldn't ask for a better hand. Haha of course I know better and know that he was full of it. But then this made me think of relationships... HAHA Yea I wasn't really upset about getting fired.

Now you might think "WTF How do you think of relationships from getting fired at work..." Although it this may sound harsh getting fired is the same as breaking up. You see during a break up you try to cause as little pain as possible. And by doing so you might say something like "Its not me... its you" and in my case "Its not that I want to, Its just the insurance company"

But is it better to say something like that to soften the break up or is it better to hear the truth? You see if you make something up to soften the break up then your partner will never know why you really did break up. But on the other hand you don't want him/her to know the truth to feel that break up pain.

This really depends on the person and there's no good way to break up but in the end I would think they would want to hear the truth. Remember this is my opinion.

What would you do?
Did I get fired or did I get laid off? ><

**On a side note Happy 19th Birthday Matthew Yu!
Have a good one. Cheers*

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Monday, May 31, 2010

Houstan We Have a Problem.

OH MY GOD!! Is Canny's Blog is back up again?!?!?! Is he going to be talking about girls and relationships?!?!?! I think soooo! Haha. Yes I was at McMaster this weekend and Richard pretty much convinced me to start up my blog again. Its funny because I started my blog because he started his and now he convinced me again to start again. I apologize for killing my blog and bring it up back again. First I just want to say that I ended blogging because well I didn't have a lot of readers and followers but at McMaster a few of us were talking about my blog and it made me think... Its fun... and its pretty dam jokes! Don't you think?

If you remember my older blogs you should know that its still going to be hard for me to think of topics but I will write them here and there when I have the time and the topic in mind. So I was just randomly thinking and something popped up in my head. I realized that guys say a lot of stupid things to girls. What I mean by that is guys don't really think things through when their speaking.

For example you are on a lovely date with your girl and you decide to go out on a nice meal. A hot chick just so happens to be your waitress (And yes... you probably did your Reflex thing when you walked in). She approaches your table and asks what you would like. You might say "Hi Mia I would like a New York Strip Loin". If you have said something like that... your boned hahaha. Why because your girl will ask you how you know her and your left with "I saw her name tag" or "I come here a lot and know her" either way your in for it.

See if you think about it your girl is probably thinking that your on a date and your checking out her "Name tag" or you went to that restaurant so many times so that you've gotten to know her name. I know this may seem like its nothing to us dudes but girls are just that complex. So you see to all my fellow bro's out there, you gotta think before you speak because girls take things to the next level.

Do you think that this would result in a fight?
Has this ever occurred to you?

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